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Who are we? Let’s Get Started….

Hello, everyone! My name is Alexis Najarro and I’m one of the dance and music instructors for Asbury Arts Center. I’m really excited about being able to write the 1st blog article for the studio! I feel like I have so much to share, including life at the studio, student and teacher perspectives/relationships, and getting to share the experiences I’ve had as a student, teacher, and professional performer. I really hope that these are something that can be helpful to whoever reads them, and I also hope that we as writer and reader can establish a strong connection!   

Okay, but who is this person?

 Like I said before, my name is Alexis Najarro, but I also go by the name LXS.” I’m a professional recording artist for a record label in Los Angeles called Melting Pop Records, and am the lead singer for a sing and dance pop group called StaticeQuo. I debuted as an R&B solo artist in August this past year with a self-composed single called, “Halfway,” but my roots of being a professional performer date all the way back to 2008, when I was a featured performer for my hometown symphony.

Moms Know Best

My mom always told me that I sang before I could talk, and I had a very ambitious beginning when my parents made my first recording of me singing “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion at age 5. Along the way, I also picked up various instruments so that I was capable of accompanying myself.    In regard to dance, I started my training at the late age of 11 with a concentration on Hip-Hop, Tap, and Jazz. I later became a dance captain and featured choreographer for a professional tap company called Noise Complaint; which I was a part of for almost 4 years. I also started a successful dance group called S2C with my sister (Adrienne) and best friend (Lorna), who is currently the studio manager.    

Finding The Right Path

I started my teaching days as an assistant, but as my life as a regular school student became busier I had less time to really explore teaching. It wasn’t until I was in college that I began my official teaching career. At first, like most college students, it was just a way to make money, but it didn’t take long for me to really become passionate about it. If you are interested in looking at colleges for dance, check out some top college dance programs by CLICKING HERE!

Experience = Wisdom

I am currently going into my 9th year of teaching, and throughout that time I’ve had many experiences dealing with different studio cultures; as well as working with different personalities, which will be a topic for later. 😉    Out of my 9 years, I’ve worked at Asbury Arts for almost 4 of those! When I first started working here, I only taught a couple days a week because I was also teaching at 3 other studios. Eventually, it became very exhausting bouncing around North Florida and I decided to settle into this studio. Focusing my time at Asbury Arts gave me a really good chance to grow as a teacher, and as I grew, so did my classes! I went from teaching 2 days a week, with 4 classes that averaged at about 5 kids a class, to teaching 5 days a week with 13 very full group classes and 8 private lessons!

Family, Fame and the Future

    Asbury Arts gave me a phenomenal opportunity to become the teacher and person I am today. They’ve always been supportive, their core values are rock solid, and the environment is nothing less than pleasant; and I can’t wait to share all the good times with all of you!    Please look forward to more blog articles, staff introductions, helpful tips and make sure to follow our social media to know when the next blog pops up! LXS OUT! 

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