Recital Readiness

Make it a GREAT day! Recital season does not need to be a stressful time. It should be a time to build fun and positive memories! Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your dancer(s) stress-free, while also letting them live their dreams on the big stage!

Keep the “hangry” monsters at bay.

Most of us know that hunger gets the best of us at ALL ages! So, as long as we keep the food beast fed, no problem! Easy, right?? WRONG! Depending on the venue, they might not allow food or drinks in the backstage or dressing room areas. So, it can get a bit difficult… However, there are other ways you can still get food in your kids’ bellies while still following the rules!

  • Leave some snacks in your dance bag then ask a backstage adult or teacher to accompany your dancer to an area where they can eat!
  • For backstage snacks – only pack “clean and dry” snacks such as pretzels, gold fish crackers, granola or protein bars, etc. See more about good dance snacks here!
  • If they are younger, leave some snacks with a backstage adult or teacher that the kids can easily get to when they’re hungry!

Don’t forget to keep your dancers hydrated; water is always allowed backstage!

Make a check-list and pack early.

This is especially helpful for first-timers and/or dancers that are in multiple dances. Packing early will also ensure that you have everything. Use our studio discount code at (to save money on tights and supplies. Here are some things you might want to pack in your dancers’ bags:

  • Costume(s)
  • Dance shoes
  • Hair supplies: Bobby pins, hair nets, hair ties (always good to have extra!)
  • Hair spray
  • Hairbrush/comb
  • Tights (make sure you know what kind of tights are needed per dance!)
  • Makeup (foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara/false lashes)
  • Make-up remover (especially if you have makeup changes!)
  • Band-aids
  • Q-tips
  • Vaseline (Helps with itchy costumes!)
  • Activities (coloring pages, a doll, etc. to keep little ones busy while waiting!)

Make sure to also label your things, so we can get lost items back to you!

Stay in the loop.

Keep an eye out for important emails/ opt for text messages! Our studio does A LOT of communication, especially during this time of year. We constantly send messages to ensure that we are all on the same page and that things run smoothly. We send important documents as well; like hair/makeup lists that tells you exactly what is needed per dance as well as meeting times and places. With that being said, sometimes we encounter hiccups! Opting in for text messages will send you a notification right as we send a message! Then you’ll be able to get live updates straight to your phone.

Offer to volunteer.

Sometimes, you just feel better when you are closer to your children! Our teachers and staff always appreciate help in managing the “behind the scenes” activities backstage; whether that means wrangling kids before their number, checking in families as they drop their dancers off, or helping with quick costume changes – all help is welcome! The BEST part is that you still get to see your child’s performances! We won’t let you miss your dancers’ time to shine. You will be able to be right there on the side of the stage to watch the action. Reach out to the office to see how you can help backstage!

“Bye-Bye Butterflies! Talk to your dancers about being nervous.

Dance recitals can be a very scary experience, especially for young ones or first-time dancers! Sometimes all it takes is the word of encouragement from their guardians to let them know that everything will be okay and that they will do great! As teachers, the kids have been hearing how great they’ll do all year so at this point, they are expecting us to say it. Our positive words are usually directed to the WHOLE class, but it’s a different story when those words come straight from you and to only them! It is easy to get caught up in the emotional anxieties and rollercoaster that comes with a dance recital performance. Make extra sure to give your dancers reassurance that is special just for them!

Don’t forget that children are also emotional sponges! It’s normal for parents to be nervous, too! Just try not to let any negative emotions trickle down to your dancers! Keep reminding yourself that the most important thing on recital day is for the kiddos to have a fun and exciting experience! If you find that your dancer is letting their nerves get to them, remind them that they’ve worked hard all year for this and that again….everything will be okay!


There’s a common saying used in theatre: “If you’re 10 minutes early, you’re on time, and if you’re on time, you’re late!” Keep that in mind when you’re making plans. Being early (but also not TOO early) can help with easing your dancer into the space they’ll be spending hours in, and it will set a calm precedent for the rest of the night as well. Also, since our recital is free admission, this gives you time to choose seats you like. If you have purchased reserved seating – don’t forget your tickets 🙂

Performance and Thank You Gifts

Gifts are absolutely optional, but dancers and teachers always appreciate a token of congratulations or gratitude after a long, sometimes nerve-wracking performance. Flowers are a traditional post performance gift, but you can get creative with just about anything! Our studio makes it easy for you to pre-purchase flowers as part of your recital bundle. Order on our website or the front desk and then we will have them fresh and ready on recital day! Note: If you do not pre-order, we cannot guarantee that there will be any extra flowers for purchase on the day of recital. 

Recital Packets – Check and re-check.

Lots of things can get lost in translation when everyone is busy and nerves are high. Luckily, our studio hands out recital packets specific to each dancer! It has all the info you could ask for:

  • The venue address
  • What number your dance(s) are in recital
  • Dance hair and makeup requirements per dance
  • Dance shoe requirement per dance
  • Order forms for recital bundles and items
  • Recital photo information

Let the front desk know if you haven’t received yours!

There are no stupid questions!

If this is your first time doing a dance recital, or even if you’re a recital veteran, it is always good to ask questions! Don’t be afraid to come up to the front desk or approach your teachers with questions. We are all here to help, and if we can’t give you answers right away we can direct you to someone who will.

Thank you for reading this, I hope this helps you all! Our studio is very welcoming to any questions or concerns you may have, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

LXS out!

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