Trial Class FAQ!

You have questions? Here is a list of questions we frequently get as people are signing up for their very first trial!

  • Should I come early / How early?

Yes! We recommend coming 15 minutes before your trial to check-in and become acquainted with the studio.

  • What should I wear?

For tumbling and dance trials: Any form fitting athletic wear. Hair should be up out of the face. If you have the proper shoes you may wear them. If not, feel free to go barefoot for the trial class.

For music students: Anything works for music!

To see our current dress code click here:

  • Do I have to pay for the trial?

We offer FREE TRIALS in all of our group classes! For private music lessons there is a small one time fee. Please contact the front desk for more info.

  • Can parents watch the trial class?

We invite all parents / guardians to stay and observe class through the windows in the lobby! All studios have a small observation window so you may see what your kid is learning without distracting them from the class.

  • Do I have to stay? Or can I drop my kid off?

We ask that all parents use their own discretion / comfort level when deciding to stay or leave. If you would like to run home, go grocery shopping, etc. you are more than welcome to! For the duration of the class, your student will be in with one of our professional dance teachers. If something happens and they need you, we will call the primary contact on your account first.

  • Should I pack my kid food / drink?

For all classes we recommend bring a water bottle. If you forgot yours, the front desk sells small water bottles for $0.50 and large water bottles for $1. Generally you will not need to bring food unless your student is in multiple classes in a day. If your student has a break and would like to bring a snack / dinner they are more than welcome to. There is a small fridge and microwave in the main lobby if they need it. The front desk also sells snacks for $0.50.

  • My kid has a break, do I need to pick them up?

Once again we ask that parents use their own discretion. We have two lobbies (including a student lounge where students can do homework), but we do not have staff in the lobbies. If you feel your student is mature enough to wait in the lobbies they are welcome to stay. We ask that all students be respectful of the class going on around them, and bring a quiet activity to help pass the time. If the break is a long one, you may pick them up and bring them back for their next classes if they have any.

We hope this helps! If you have any further questions, you may contact us through our email: [email protected] OR give us a call 904-406-4161

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