Rockin’ Tots (Ages 2.5-4) Creative movement class exploring various forms of dance and music. Developing locomotor skills, balance, creativity, flexibility, and strength. This class makes dancing fun with various types of music, colors, numbers, and use of props.

Ballet Stars (Ages 3.5-5)  These unique classes are specifically geared for young dancers and open with short readings, poems, or songs from some of our favorite character books and TV movies.  Classes introduce ballet technique, choreography for recital, creative improvisation, and classroom etiquette.

Ballet-Tap or other Combination Class (Ages 4-6) This class is recommended for our preschool class graduates or new students at the pre-k/kindergarten age who have not had much dance experience.   Covers beginning level ballet technique and introductory tap or jazz. Combo classes perform at our end of the year recital and may perform one long or 2 shorter dances depending on teachers’ choices.

Tiny Tumblers (Ages 3-5) Our tiny tumblers learn  basic tumbling moves like forward rolls, bridges, cartwheels while building foundations of strength, flexibility and coordination.  We make learning fun in this class with tumbling props and obstacle courses!   No recital.


Ballet (Ages 6+) Students will learn to execute technique at the ballet barre, center floor, traveling sequences and choreography. Classes will concentrate on elements of flexibility, body alignment, and ballet terminology.

Pointe/Ballet (Ages 12+) For safety and strength/technical reasons, students must be invited or evaluated before studying ballet in pointe shoes. Intermediate and advanced ballet students working toward or en pointe will be required to take ballet 2x/week.

Jazz This class offers an upbeat and fun style of dance from which the movement is ballet-based,  but the music is pop oriented and theatrical in nature. Classes work on flexibility, alignment and terminology as it relates to the jazz syllabus.  

Musical Theater  This class is tons of fun! It is a dance based class where the students will learn theater style jazz and/or tap dance.  They may also do some vocal training and have the opportunity to learn acting techniques! Recital bound class.

Tap  This class is for all students who like percussion, music, and rhythm! This class teaches tap terms along with different ways to incorporate them with each other. Tapping is an excellent way to gain coordination and rhythmic musicality. As students advance, they will work to develop speed, complexity, and improvisational skills.

Modern/Contemporary dance classes reinforce proper body alignment while exploring both the technical and creative aspects of dancing.   Students will be introduced to ideas of fall/recovery and contraction/release along with dance improvisation. Modern teachers sometimes incorporate acrobatic styles of movement that often appeal to gymnasts and other athletes.

Hip Hop  Students study hip-hop and basic breakdancing moves. This style of class is high energy and lots of fun!  All classes use “clean” and age appropriate music!

Tumbling  Covers gymnastics floor work technique and tumbling skills. Depending on the level of the class, learned skills may include dive rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, walk-overs, handsprings, back tucks, aerials, etc., and are based on individual skill level. No recital

Zumba Kids Focuses on making fitness fun with kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. We break down the steps, add games, activities, and cultural exploration elements into the class structure. No recital

ADULT CLASSES – Classes offered vary during the year.  Many of our adult students take our teen/adult level classes and are allowed to opt out of the recital performance.  Check the schedule for adult class listing.