Covid-19 Studio Updates

To slow the spread of COVID-19, the dance studio has suspended face-to-face instruction. We will be resuming after spring break and will be providing online classes and learning materials through Zoom, YouTube video links, and google drive, etc.

We want to keep dancing, tumbling, and playing our music as much as our students do so we’ve included guidelines for video lessons, dancing/tumbling at home and what to expect in class, tuition, and plans for moving forward.

Live Streaming and Recorded Video Lessons

We will be implementing a combination of Zoom video conferencing and links to pre-recorded classes that our teachers will be preparing for you. Links to all of your classes’ scheduled meetings and recording links can be found in your customer portal! We will also communicate by email so make sure to “tune in.”

We know kids will be going a little stir crazy at home during this time, which is why we want to offer some of their classes at their regular days and times to keep a little consistency in this disruptive time. But don’t worry, if you miss your regular class time, all classes will be available to watch again using the links in your portal! We will replace the meeting links with the recording of the classes for you to reference.

  • How do I know where to find my class information? You will be able to find all meeting links and/or recorded classes on the in the Asbury Arts Center customer portal – your parent portal. 
  • What is Zoom and how do I join my video conference classes? Zoom is a free video conferencing app. All you have to do is click the Zoom link on your portal class page. When you click the link in the email, you will be redirected to download the Zoom app (works on phones, tablets, and computers). You can join using your computer audio or by calling into the phone number provided. You can also check out their website here for more information and support if you have any technical difficulties.
  • Will we be able to interact with our classmates and teachers on Zoom? When you first join the video class, students will be muted. You will be able to see and hear the teacher. Teachers will decide when and if they need to unmute students for questions or discussion.
  • How will class work? You will need to find a small to medium open space at home that you can dance in with enough room to practice basic moves. We can teach classes that don’t require traveling a lot, so don’t stress out over clearing out a large space. Wear what you would normally wear for dance class… follow dress code! Once you have joined your meeting or started your recording….
    • Your teacher will begin with an introduction and explanation of how class will work that day.
    • General class format will vary depending on the class.
      • Younger classes – we will work our way through usual things we practice in classes, building basic skills and working on some creative dance and play.
      • Older classes – You will have a follow along warm up or barre work (use a chair back for stability) as well as basic technique drills. We’ll be focusing on steps and choreography that doesn’t move around a lot.

Practicing at Home

COMMON SENSE: We are providing you with safe learning activities during these online class offerings, however you must use common sense. Do not try to do anything that you feel would cause injury. You will be dancing at your own risk.

We know that many families do not have an ideal space to
practice at home, and we are keeping that in mind! All lessons will be designed
to be done in a small area and on a variety of surfaces. Dancers will just need
to do a little experimentation to find the best spot in their house and adjust
their footwear as needed.

  • Dancing on carpet? That’s easier in shoes or socks (they don’t need to be the “right” shoes either, feel free to take your Jazz class in Ballet shoes if that works better)
  • Dancing on slippery tile or wood? Going barefoot or wearing some sort of grippier shoe (hip hop, jazz, or even grippy socks) will work best.
  • Nowhere in the house you are allowed to use your tap shoes? Take your tap class in sneakers, slippers, or even barefoot! You can also use your tap shoes on carpet. Even if you aren’t making a lot of sound, you can still practice the steps (and your parents might be happy to have the noise toned down a bit). If you really want to create a space you can tap with full sound, a sheet of masonite or plywood works great.

Moving Forward

As of right now, we are working under the assumption that classes will be able to resume when schools are scheduled to reopen. Our dance and music recitals are still moving ahead as planned, and we will be working to keep students updated and moving forward with their class dance preparations. We will, of course, keep everyone updated in the next coming weeks.

We thank you in advance as our teachers learn to navigate new systems in a very short amount of time.  They are SO excited to get back to teaching their students and also a bit anxious…to try all kinds of new teaching ideas!   We can not tell you how much we appreciate your support through all of this!