Online classes will continue through the month of May and we will transition into the studio on June 1, 2020.

1.   Photo week for dance recital (was next week) has been cancelled.  We are working with the company to find new dates and will keep you posted.

2.   Dance Recitals – NEW RECITAL DATES are July 11 and 12th.  Weekend dates.  We are working to put together smaller shows and live streaming capabilities.

3.  Dance Recital Bundles (due date was today) We will extend this deadline and ARE still taking orders through June 1st.


TUMBLING AND NON-RECITAL DANCE CLASSES –  all classes will end at the end of May and will remain online.  No billing in June.  Please see separate summer schedule online if you want to enroll for that.

MUSIC LESSONS  – music recitals on May 30th.  Mr. Marty is coordinating this with families.  All music lessons will end May 30.  Please see separate online summer schedule if you would like to enroll.

DANCE CLASSES –  ALL dance recital bound classes are extended to July 10th.   We will resume classes at the studio on JUNE 1, 2020.   We are using this time to prepare our facility, remove touch points, hang signage, and go over safety protocols with our staff.

All enrollments will be adjusted and billing accordingly for June and prorated in July.


Music Recitals –    May 30, 2020 at the studio

Dance Recitals  Saturday July 11th and Sunday July 12, 2020 at the Thrasher Horne Theater

Click HERE to order your recital bundle! (for dance recital)

(refer to your recital folder for information)



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