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*Scroll down to see the attire for each class/style*

Parallel Lines

Rockin' Tots & Tiny Tumblers

Leotard/dancewear or soft, comfortable clothes. Bare feet. Hair out of face.

Ballet Stars & Combo Classes

Leotard & pink tights. Split sole ballet shoes, Black tap shoes. Ballet bun.



Solid colored leotard. Pink tights. Ballet bun. Split sole ballet shoes/ pointe shoes.. Hair in a ballet bun.

Jazz, Modern, & Contemporary

Any leotard, tights, unitards, or form-fitting dance wear. Black split sole jazz shoes, bare feet or half-soles for Modern and Contemporary. Hair out of face.



Comfortable, non-distracting clothing. Black split sole Tap shoes.

Hair out of face.

Hip-hop & Zumba

Comfortable, non-distracting clothing. Sneakers only worn for class (stones and dirt can scratch our marley floors) Hair out of face.

Tumbling & Ribbon Dance

Leotard or biketard. Barefoot. Hair out of face.

NO DENIM/JEANS for any classes!

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